An Easy Meal Prep Routine for Runners

Setting up a simple supper prep routine on the end of the week or amid the week can totally make your smart dieting dreams for the week work out as expected! They speculate work, pondering what to eat, eating unfortunate alternatives since you are too worn out to even think about making something, feel like you don’t have anything in the house or simply don’t have a craving for cooking. Making the prep work that you need to do each day simple and basic will make you significantly more prone to practice good eating habits! That is the excellence of supper preparing on one day seven days! You are prepared for the whole week with insignificant cooking!

An Easy Meal Prep Routine for Runners

Things to note:

I like to dinner prep for 6 days amid the week. There is typically no less than one day that we are eating outside the house, bringing sustenance home, or simply eating remains thus I leave that day open for adaptability in my eating.

I normally will pivot between two or three unique things. My significant other and I are not fussy eaters at all nor are we expound so you will likely discover this supper plan easy to pursue and even execute!

I am right now not preparing for a long distance race or going out on “long” separate runs. This feast plan would incorporate increasingly dark colored rice, quinoa, oats, and so forth on the off chance that I was preparing for a long distance race or even half long distance race. You can get familiar with about how you ought to eat while preparing for a long distance race in the EAT LIKE A MARATHONER Course or over on our page on Marathon Nutrition.

At the present time an average week’s menu resembles this:


A Veggie Egg Scramble or

Plain Greek Yogurt improved with stevia and solidified berries (love this in the mid year particularly)

Cereal with cinnamon, stevia, and raisins


Vegetable Salad finished with barbecued chicken or Soup


Since it is summer we more often than not flame broil chicken as our fundamental course with cooked veggies OR

Heated fish (normally salmon) with veggies at any rate once per week

Soup (truly, soup once more! It is so hydrating for you and for the most part contains a great deal of veggies which is exactly what I am searching for as a sprinter. In addition it’s normally simple to make, still tastes astounding when re-warmed, and even stops well!)

For sides we commonly will do cooked veggies or a serving of mixed greens. Truly on the off chance that you are not a vegetable individual, at that point you have to take a stab at simmering them! It is astounding! I will give you headings on the most proficient method to do this underneath.

  • Bites:
  • Delicately salted almonds
  • String cheddar
  • Protein poppers
  • Air Popped Popcorn
  • Sweet (yes! Treat is an absolute necessity since that sweet tooth is going to hit)
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Pudding
  • Protein poppers, once more!

Dependent on that menu, here are the means I take to my simple dinner prep schedule:

Stage 1: Figure out what crisp fixings I have to get for my simple supper prep.

Stage 2: Make a store run.

Stage 3: Prep fixings.

Stage 4: Do a Walmart basic supply home conveyance search for durable things that I have to recharge for future weeks and formulas.

What my simple supper prep for the week resembles:


Cut veggies for my omelet – ringer peppers, onions, mushrooms. Store layered in paper towels in a sealed shut holder in the ice chest.

Ensure I have the majority of the eggs I need. I more often than not put 3 eggs in my omelet so I would need to ensure that I have no less than 18 eggs

Make a cluster of brisk cereal. I for the most part will have ½ glass serving size of oats around 3 times each week and will in this way consolidate:

  • 1.5 measures of oats
  • 3 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • 3 teaspoons of stevia
  • ½ measure of raisins
  • Store in a water/air proof holder.

Stock up on a few individual measured greek yogurts. Light and Fit just as Kroger has an incredible choice that has low to no additional sugar substance and high protein (13 grams) making both of them an extraordinary decision.

Wash any natural product that I will use in the yogurts. Likewise store away far out so it doesn’t disappear amid the week. *wink


Flame broil chicken or cook in a moment pot (both are the quick alternatives!) Make enough for serving of mixed greens consistently, soup (if chicken will be incorporated) and as supper for somewhere around 2 evenings.

Wash any spinach/plate of mixed greens lettuce. Ensure there are a lot of crisp vegetables in the cooler, washed and prepared to go.

Make one soup that will serve a few snacks consistently. I truly like completing a vegetable grain soup. It is prepared in around 20 minutes and will keep going for quite a long time! The case accompanies two distinct formulas on it and both are delectable!


Slice veggies to cook – I adore simmering broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and onions

Cut veggies for salmon/fish sides.

Choose how to utilize the additional chicken you prepared for supper and prep it! (can be made into chicken tacos, any sort of chicken dish, toss a sauce to finish everything, cook with pasta, and so forth.) Prep a sauce, make the goulash, soup or chicken taco meat so you can warm or simply include the completing contacts the night that you will eat it.

  • Treats/SNACKS:
  • Make a group of Protein poppers.
  • Make sure to have some Halo Top frozen yogurt close by.
  • Check my almond stash.

Stock up on bananas, apples, and some other occasional organic product.

That is it!

You may feel as though you have an excessive number of things cooking and stewing without a moment’s delay however I guarantee once you make sense of for you how it functions then it will spare you so much time and poor eating decisions! Hip-hip-yippee for a simple supper prep schedule!

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