Water and Walking challenge – 30 days to better health

Drinking water and taking walks are exceptional approaches to enhance your standard health, so I’ve put together a 30-day task.

If you’re already strolling frequently and ingesting lots of water, then this task might be no longer for you, even though you may in reality add on your present habitual.

We’re going to accumulate our on foot time and the amount of water we drink gradually over the 30-days. We’ll stick with each purpose for 10 days then increase the tiers.

As with all of our challenges, they’re designed to fit into our day after day lifestyles as a good deal as viable.

IMPORTANT – Please be aware that absolutely everyone can do the task – All the information are underneath. But the loose challenge tracker is best to be had to subscribers of my e mail listing – You can join up unfastened here

Here’s a short rundown video of what to anticipate from the mission.

Water And Walking Challenge

Are you geared up to get began? You’ll be taking a large step to improving your usual fitness, fitness, nicely-being and optimistically, if it’s your goal to, losing a few more weight.

30 day water and taking walks task from Ideal weight assignment. Increase your daily water and strolling to improve your fitness and shed pounds.

Water and Walking challenge – 30 days to better health


Follow this part of the venture for the primary 10 days.

Drink a huge glass of water inside the morning while you rise up. You may additionally want to add a slice of lemon or lime to provide your water a real kick.

Get out of doors and walk for at least 10 minutes each day.
You are greater than welcome to do extra but this is the minimal for the first 10-days of the water and walking project.



For the next 10 days of the venture, you’ll be including more water and more taking walks.

Drink your large glass of water first aspect inside the morning

Fill a one-litre bottle of water and drink it at some stage in the day

Walk for 20 minutes day by day (in case you need to you could try this in a single move or damage in down into 2 x 10-minute walks)

Again, you could do greater, that is just the minimum.


For the ultimate 10 days of the water and strolling mission, we’re aiming for a degree you may keep long-time period.

Drink your glass of water first thing in the morning

Fill a one-litre bottle of water and drink it at some stage in the day

Walk for 30- minutes ( you could damage those down into three X 10-minute walks or 2 x 15-minute walks if you decide on not to do it multi function go)


I consider that drinking lots of water and including on foot to your day by day habitual are of the pleasant things you can do for lengthy-time period health and weight reduction. So, even though that is a 30-day venture, I strongly inspire you to keep it up and make it a each day a part of your lifestyles.

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